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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 7, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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wyatt? the last of the rain is pushing off the eastern shore a little earlier this evening. now we'resitting dry out and clear out there. you can see more than two inches in some places. right around one inch in the immediate baltimore area. butit was much needed rair rain, it just came with a little too much wind in spots. breezy andcooler overnight. a brisk start in the morning around 50 degrees. there are msh chances for rain ahead all right, five baltimore county schools will get air conditioning. the countyapproved the funding for air conditioning in middle river, parkville, pine ville, woodlawn and windsorville.
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>> tomorrow will mark one week of marylanders being able to sign up on the health exchange and so far, it hasn't gone as well as state leaders hoped. >> as christian shaefer reports, tens of thousands of people are having trouble getting signed up. >> reporter: that's right. through one week, just a few hundred people have managed to sign up through maryland's insurance exchange, it's not through a lack of trying. afterabout ten minutes of entering information about myself and my family, i thought i might be able to view the opgszs for -- options for buying insurance, instead, i got this screen with that spinning circle that didn't go anywhere. i'm not alone. from the day the site went live, just about 13 thousand
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have managed to create an account and of those, just 326 have actually enrolled in a health insurance plan. we do know that work on the site is continuing around the clock. >> this is not the simplest program to put together. thereare a lot of different components and you don't know until the end how it's going to work. >> reporter: the concept of obamacare has been criticized. we were told that even though maryland's exchange isn't operating the way it is supposed to, all of the visits show there is a market for affordable health care. >> a lot of the problems you're you're seeing are because there is interest. >> reporter: as of noon today,
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just 326 people have gotten new health insurance through the state. the earliest coverage will kick in will be january 1st. . [technical difficulties] had kwiert the day today. --quite the day today. he is worn out from playing with trains and worrying about his mom who has brain cancer. he's tucked in bed tonight dreaming that his mom will get up in the morning and give him a hug. >> look through this window dow pane and you'll see itself ugly. >> right now, i'm not so hot. i've been sick for the past two days and right now, it's just not getting better. >> reporter: suddenly, a smile brings sunshine from her five year old son. >> i should be taking care of him instead of him kissing my
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bumps and bruises. . >> reporter: go ahead, grab a tissue. these ladies at the preschool know katie has beaten cancer three times and they're out to make sure she beats it a fourth. >> it's hard enough when you have a cold to be a mom much less when you have cancer. >> they call themselves the mac fee soul sisters and they're lacing up for the baltimore half marathon. >> we'll have no problem digging deep for the marathon. >> they are going run 21,804 meters. >> it's touching that so many people have stepped up to help and anything they can do to get
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me through this. . >> then we find katie in the corner with cj. this is why she's going to wake up tomorrow and give cj that hug he wants. >> he has never seen me not be sick. as long as he can remember, mommy has been sick and he shouldn't have to deal with that. >> katie and cj is inspiring enough for you to run to your computer and go to to find out how you can help a wonderful woman and her family. >> and you can also join in the fight against breast cancer by walking in the maryland komen race for the cure. that'soctober 20th. it's not too late to sign up. head over to , and get involved. this is the video.
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a man of honor will be honored. one ofthe all time great football players and hall on famer, lenny moore is going to get a street named after him. the sir money will start at -- ceremony will start at 11:00. >> one of the greatest men. >> new twist and turns with that road rage case out of new york more people have been charge ed and we're elevening tonight, some off -- learning tonight some off duty cops may have been on the scene and how does a nine-year old get past security and on to a plane. >> and if your new iphone update can't keep a charge, you're not alone is there. >> and a heavy line of rain is pushing off this evening, however the dry air coming behind that front may not hold up that long.
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we'll have a look at the forecast right after these messages. these are the hands of a surgeon. a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors.
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. >> and now to the koring coverage of the road rage case in new york. tonight, threemore are charged and the biker at the head of the case is saying he got a bum deal. in aninterview with abc, a father of two says what you see on the tape is not exactly what it appears. >> i never had intentions to slow him down or cause any type of problems. my intention was never to make him stop. >> now, police say the crews set up if eight-minute chase and ended with a paralyzed biker and the brutal beating of a father. new york police are also investigating reports that two
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off duty officers were on the scene of the attack and failed to intervene. . no ticket, no boarding pass, no problem for a nine- year old minneapolis boy. tonight,verse are trying to other i figure out how he snuck solo on to a flight headed to las vegas. . >> how did he get on to the plane, where was his seat assignment, i'm shocked. the flight attendants became spishgs v suspicious because the boy wuntd on a list of unattended minors. the boy aets mother said that she thought he was at a friend's house and reported him missing. >> thought he was at a friend's house, wow. many people who upgraded to ios seven on apple are having some trouble.
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some are not receiving text messages but john matarese tells us about a bigger problem. >> reporter: many iphone and ipad owners have been reporting problems with apple's updated operating system. some say it locked up their phone while updating. others are having problems, especially with battery life. ios 7 is sleek, clean and fast, it makes an iphone 4 look like the new iphone 5 but several wish they never did the upgrade. >> i did the upgrade on wednesday, thursday i noticed that my battery rief decreased. >> patrick was stunned to discover that his one year old phone was running down the battery almost twice as fast. he went on line and found
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several blogs reporting battery drain issues. among thesuggestions for how to fix this, turn off the 3d home screen wall painer and disable background app refresh. >> i mean, i went in and shut down some notifications, i went in and closed out a lot of apps. >> turn off air drop, turn off wi-fi searching and the age old solution, dim the screen. >> it helped a little bit. itprobably increased it to about 10%. >> he is hoping for an official fix from al apple -- apple. some peemg are saying that the update improved battery life. if you have issues, try these
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fixes so you don't waste your money. . opportunities for home buyers and sellers cool down in the fall and winter, but we're working with tichs to help you through -- tips to help you through. a personal finance expert says in the fall and winter, buyers may have the upper hand. >> they may be more inclined to give you their property at a better price because they don't want to go through the holidays really before open houses, sellers can get a jump on attracting buyers on line. thefall will mean less competition for available properties, but also less options. holiday shoppers, you better get a jump on it now. you have less time this year than last year. thanksgivingfalls on the 28th
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so that means there are only 28 days between then and christmas. hanukkahalso coming early this year. experts say you should start shopping now to avoid the crowds. fry going during the work day but before the lunch hour. . hey, take a look, maryland's most powerful radar clearing things out nicely. ithink we are done with the rain for about 24 to 36 hours and then a different weather player could bring showers toward the end of the week. maryland stillunder the clouds
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even though the showers have moved offshore. our attention will be to the south as we go into the next couple of days. the remnants of what was a weak tropical storm in karen, still an area of low pressure and we think this will work its way up the coast and redevelop some. in the meantime, the closest severe weather is up in northern maine. here in maryland, just one county left with a coastal flood advisory and that's going so to be in the havrety grace area. look terrain fall totals from today. more -- look at the rain fall totals out there today.
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i'll show you some of that rain as it came in today. multipledownpours, you know, a line that we thought might produce a little bit of rotation but we didn't see many storms develop. it was this heavy rain, but that's hell tifly -- relatively harmless. 58 now. i think that northwest breeze will be there all day tomorrow. here's thenext day planner with highs into the upper 60 only. you thinkabout a week where we were pushing 90, what a change. soyeah, much more october like around here. you see how cooles the tonight, 43 and that northwest breeze getting a little more steady out there. by the way, temperatures in the morning, there will be system
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40s on the map and then we'll bounce back close to 70. weshould see some sun tomorrow, but that could change by wednesday, late into thursday and friday as we get this circulation we generating -- regenerating from what's left of karen. even as that front moves out, the remnants of karen move up the coast. depending on how this develops, we could get quite a bit of rain shower activity but some models take this further out in which case we'll just get cloud cover. reldz there could be somehow -- realize there could be showers toward the middle or end of the week. an october feel to say the least. much more fall like the next few days. then we have a chance for showers late wednesday and
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lingering into thursday and friday. it's allup to what karen decides to do. some models keep it hugging off the coast there. >> see anything you liked on that 7 day? any like the 90s on saturday. >> that was nice. >> not if you're a dog. >> they were miserable. >> hey, you want to end the night with a couple of laughs, jimmy kimmel is coming up.
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tonight tropical storm karen may have lost her punch, but folks are still cleaning up messes left behind.
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record breakingsnow fell in south dakota and a tornado ripped through nebraska. . >> it's an emotional roller coaster but yet i have to keep my head on straight. >> and then we're talking about six inches of rain in lieu ville in scombrus -- in louis ville in just a few hours. . >> i mean all over the map. >> it makes it seem like our rain and wind event today was not that bad. >> right, right, right. >> and we need the rain. here's a look at tomorrow, fall like feel. a lot of people are saying it was nice summer days last week but didn't feel seasonalable season -- seasonable, well we
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have seasonable for you. it could be a good thing for the weekend, we have the packers coming in so sunday right now, not bad. when our little girl was born,
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. >> all right break out your pink, race for the cure october 20th. >> there you go we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- the cast of "modern family." and music from korn. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: tonight on the
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show we have a wonderful program lined up for you. my favorite band named after a vegetable is here tonight. and the cast of "modern family" is here with us. we didn't have room for the kids, too. our couch only holds five people so somebody is going to have to sit on my lap. the winter olympics are four months away from today but the olympic torch is already being run. after the official lighting ceremony in greece, the torch arrived in russia this weekend
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and it ran into a little snag. that's former world swimming champion. the wind blew it out. which would never have happened if they had used the new olympic e-torch. i think if it blows out they would have to run it back to greece and start over. he got a light from a security guard. i love that a guy running with a global symbol of athleticism needed help from somebody with a cigarette lighter. what a proud day for smokers all over the world. this is an abc show on sunday nights. sometimes you are watching a show or sporting event and you see a little person pop up at the bottom of the screen pro moting another show. watch this. >> we need you to discuss the deal that you made with charming. >> you will have to be a bit
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more specific. >> he came to you searching for something powerful. >> that was a very ras kly rabbit. that might be sexual assault. do you watch the show duck dynasty on a & e? it's a very popular show about a family that makes duck calls. phil robertson, he said an interesting thing. from time to time you will hear bleeps but phil says his family never curses. he says the bleeps are added by the editors and he does not like that. i bet the ducks don't like the fake quacks either. phil is upset about it and wants a & e t stop the unnecessary bleeping and to hire an exterminator to kill the squirrels living in his beard.
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it's not fair to make it seem like someone is using profanity if they are not. they are now doing it in their promos. >> i don't have any feathers. >> don't you wish your boyfriend was hot like i am? >> [ bleep ]. >> duck dynasty. >> it's not right. that's like the opposite of what my iphone does. my iphone, you know how you try to text a curse word to someone and it corrects it to a non-curse word and then you get angry and you're like i'm a 45-year-old adult. i should be able to text the word nipple if you want to. i'm working on an app that turns everything into an angry word. it's called angry words. on thursday, a ar


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